by Christina Huntington

I'm happy to be a published author both in print and online. Check out some of my favorite articles below!



"Making the Connection: Bonding With Wolves in California" (print + online)

I stand outside the fence and take a few deep breaths, trying to remember everything I have been told to prepare myself for what I am about to encounter. Once I enter, I must drop down low to the ground on one knee, palms facing upwards, breathing slowly and steadily, and remaining calm. Then I wait. If they feel my energy settle, they will approach and brush against my hands. Only then am I allowed to touch them. But one thing is clear: they come to me, I do not go to them. After all, though they may appear to resemble the friendly canines with which we routinely cohabit, these are not dogs. These are wolves.



"Remove Your Blocks to Love: a Meditation"

At our deep core, all human beings want to love and be loved. It is a natural instinct coded into our very DNA that calls to us not just from an emotional and spiritual level but from a biological level as well. Our bodies long for loving human touch. If we do not receive touch as babies, our minds and muscles atrophy. We literally wither and fail to grow, known in the medical field as “failure to thrive”. In some cases, infants can die from it. As adults, lack of touch and human connection can lead to depression, stress, anxiety, illness and feelings of loneliness, deep isolation and shame. 



"Stellar Synthesis" (print + online)

It starts with just a cold dark cloud of interstellar gas, dust and exploded star remnants floating somewhere in the cosmos. Over time and under the weight of its own gravity, the cloud collapses until it breaks apart into scattered pieces. As these globules linger in space, they begin to compress and spin, generating so much extreme internal heat within their core that nuclear fusion finally occurs. It only takes ten million years, but just like that…a star is born.

As a child, I can recall looking out at the night sky and feeling that somehow that was where I came from, my true home. 




"Build Your Own Urban Spiritual Retreat in Los Angeles"

Palm trees towering above streets lined with sprawling 20 million dollar mansions, slick Hollywood producers throwing parties for forever-young starlets in the Hills, and reality stars getting chased down Sunset Boulevard by a trail of paparazzi.That’s what most people imagine when they think of Los Angeles. At least, that’s the version shown on TV. But far from being just the entertainment capital of the world, those of us who live here know that LA is actually the spiritual hub of the United States.



"The Sacred Art of Self Love"

As we deep dive into all things L-O-V-E this month, we come face-to-face with the most crucial form of love to master: self love. It’s easy to look at seemingly endless social media feeds overflowing with infinite selfies and moment-to-moment replays of every minuscule activity as if everyone is engaged in broadcasting their own 24/7 reality series and think that self love is maybe the last thing we need to be worried about right now. But self promotion and even self confidence are very different from self love. As “look-at-me” culture skyrockets, studies show that our collective self worth seems to be plummeting to an all-time low, proving true the old adage that comparison is the thief of joy.



"Living Afloat in Sausalito" (print + online)

I have been repeatedly warned that as soon as I cross the bridge, it will be 20 degrees warmer. The incredibly helpful staff at the Four Seasons, while assisting me in planning my day trip to Sausalito, informed me that a key to life in San Francisco is to “always dress in layers.” So, taking my cue from the bridge, I begin to shed my own jacket and sweater as I whirl past the enveloping clouds into the shining rays waiting just ahead at first landfall.

As I pull off the first exit at Vista Point, it feels like I have entered not just another climate, but another country. Leaving the damp, cold cosmopolitan city behind, I am transported to what could be the French Riviera — all huge open skies, still blue waters, and sailboats rocking lazily in the sun. 



"Dark Dining" (print + online)

Stepping into V Lounge in Santa Monica feels like entering any other Westside club. A large, dimly-lit bar looms, surrounded by modern banquettes awash in purple, violet and aqua light meant for cosying up in to enjoy the evening’s libations. We take a seat and cocktails instantly materialise from the friendly service staff. It would almost be any other night out as usual, until the hostess brings us menus and asks us to please make our selections now… while we can still see.



"Make Your Life a Love Story"

If we’re being totally honest, even just the word “love” can be challenging for a lot of people. We all have different interpretations of what love is from our own history and experience—how we’ve “gotten” it, how we’ve “lost” it and how well we have or have not managed to give it to others and ourselves. Love can also feel like a lot of pressure, inundated since birth with so many versions of what love “should” look like from, let’s face it, not necessarily the best sources. It’s left many people feeling confused about how to love and be loved in a healthy way that leaves us feeling joyful, secure, fulfilled and freely self-expressed. While, oh yeah…also having some fun

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"How Wolf Therapy Can Help Heal Emotional Wounds"

Stumbling upon the similarities between wolves and people by chance, a wolf sanctuary in Southern California works on healing the emotionally wounded, both human and lupine. Deep trauma, such as abuse, neglect and abandonment, leaves emotional scars that can feel nearly impossible to overcome—even for wild animals. At Wolf Connection, sensitive souls and at-risk youth seek solace with the pack, overcoming traumas and painful pasts.